U-way: The First WPC Qi Certified 15W 3Coils Medium Power Transmitter Module
2018.01.08 541


Since Apple released the iPhone 8/8+/X which supports the wireless charging function, as well as supports 7.5W fast charging, the wireless charging industry grows irresistible.


As a pioneer in the wireless charging industry, U-Way has been continuously innovating new technology and being at the forefront of the industry. The launched of the UNIQT-0016 module has became the first of the world which getting 15W three fast charging coils module under Qi certification.


Besides the basic 5W charging, U-Way UNIQT-0016 also supports the 10W and 15W fast charging. The products itself comes with smart identification. It matches the voltage and current automatically once device placed on it, fast charging without damaging the product. esides, three coils module having larger charging location. Without placing at the precise location. Quick and convenient.


U-Way UNIQT-0016 module is the first WPC Qi 5W product with three coils TX module, and it is different from other EVK sample which provided by IC Technology Solutions Company. End user can easily turn their new product into a brand new wireless charging transmitting function. At the same time, it also supports hundreds of Qi wireless charging products. E.g. mobile phone, Pad (with wireless charging function), or even other applications in various sectors and industries, such as communications, computers, appliances, video games, furniture, cars, health care, tools, and etc.


According to the media reports, after Apple iPhone 8/8+/X launched and supports Qi wireless charging technology, HTC/ASUS/Xiaomi/HUAWEI/GLORY/VIVO and other mobile phones are also conducting pre-research on this technology. As well as Xiaomi 7, which is about to go on market in this coming season, will be having the fast charging function too. Apparently, wireless charging has become one of the standard functions of smart phone and a new trend in the smart phone developing era.

In the coming January 2018, U-Way will be the first launching the brand new 7.5W fast charging module. Besides the basic 5W charging, it supports Apple 7.5W fast charging, Samsung 10W fast charging and 15W fast charging. These four modules support various types of fast charging smart phones in market nowadays.


More products from U-Way will be exhibiting in the coming CES Exhibition which held in Las Vegas, NV, US from 9th to 12th January 2018. We sincerely invite all elites from various industries to visit us at Booth # 61501, South Plaza LVCC Las Vegas.


U-way is vigorously developing Qi certified wireless charging transmitter and receiver modules, and encouraging various industries cooperate with wireless charging industries to create products. In the future, including the furniture, household appliance, speaker, medical equipment and even other special technology industries, will be able to easily use Qi wireless charging technology through U-way modules.


About U-way Corporation

U-Way was established in 1995, a Taiwanese-based OEM/ODM manufacturer who is an authorized Apple MFi 6.4 Manufacturing Licensee member as well as a full member of Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). There is a strong and experienced research and developing team in U-Way, specialized in researching, developing and supplying varies of Qi wireless power products, solutions and Apple MFi accessories according to rapid growing worldwide market demand, and also strictly comply with ISO-9001 to provide the most reliable products to customers.

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