Fast-Charge Qi 10W Wireless Charging TX Module
Model NO: SAMQT-0011


U-WAY wireless charging modules with WPC Qi certified and can be intergrated into any device for wireless charging .

· WPC Qi V1.2.3 certified,compatible with all Qi enabled devices

· Wireless fast charge to Samsung S8,S8 edge, S7,S7 edge, S6 edge+,Note5 

· Wireless charge to iPhone X, iPhone 8plus, iPhone 8, S6 ,S6 edge and work with any other Qi certified devices.

· Power Transfer Effeciency : 72%         



· Input: 9V 1.8A 

· Output: 10W 

· Dimensions: 

  PCBA :54* 38 * 3.5mm

  Coil + Shielding : 54 * 54 * 5mm